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My crew

I honestly have WAY to many petz don't you think? 

This is Aisha

A real sweet heart. she always try to make friends. 

But she is so clumsy. she once tried to be friends with someone, but tripped over her own paws! ah wel.. still a sweety <3

Her Pups!

This is Angel

When I saw her I was like, You really are a angel.. she is so sweet.. never angry and alway's want to play <3

Her Pups!

This is Annie

Look at her.. she is so adorable with the green bow on her head <3

This is Elf

Such a clow :3 alway's making me laugh with his silly action's :3

This is Falco

I named him falco because he alway's jumps on something. he's thinking he can fly. silly Falco <3

This in Funjo

He is a real scaredy cat :3 Whenever I try to take a picture he gets scared and try's to hide himself *sight* but he's a real sweet heart <3 (it took me about 5 min to take this picture without him getting scared!)

This is Gingerbread

Idk why he alway's looks so mean.. but he is a real sweet heart <3 

This is Gray

He is so silly sometime's! he was licking his paw when I took this picture x3

This is Harry

(FINNALY A CAT) I got this cutie from a advent :3 he's so beautiful. and those puffy cheeks are so kawaii <3

This is Jimmy

Such a good boy! active and caring. he's always so happy when he come's out to play <3

This is Joyful

I guess she is alway's joyfull? x3 very sweet and kind <3

This is Kaidan

My second hexie. I guess you can call him emo cat? <3

Her Pups!

This is Lazy

As her name says. she is lazy x3 sometime's active, but most of the time a lazy girl <3

Her Pups!

This is Lina

Lina is the real boss. she alway's get what she want, and alway's wins the fight :3

This is Nenni

She is so sweet <3 but very scared when taking a picture. thank you Nenni for this lovely picture <3

This is Nikolai

I won him from a auction on whiskerwick <3

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